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  • 6 Underrated Asian-American YouTube Singers
  • 6 Underrated Asian-American YouTube Singers
  • 6 Underrated Asian-American YouTube Singers

6 Underrated Asian-American YouTube Singers

YouTube is arguably the most powerful platform for upcoming musicians to showcase their talent. The video hub turned aspiring musicians into internet sensations without the help of TV or the radio, especially in the Asian-American community. The truth is that compared to most web stars, a lot of talented artists often remain under appreciated or unseen.

While this list alone isn’t enough to justify the amount of online talent, it highlights a few noteworthy upcoming singers who represent the Asian-American community.

The NYC-duo is comprised of Andy Suzuki, a half-Japanese and Jewish musician as well as Kozza Babumba aka The Method. Their sound resembles indie folk, making their songs an easy listen. Their song “Born out of Mischief” subtly stirs up warm emotions.


Cover of Kanye West’s “All Of The Lights”:

Representing Southern California, she is known for her collaborations with Daniela Andrade and Dabin. She has a warm & charming voice that vibrates through her guest features and covers. Although Sarah Lee does not have original music of her own, it is reasonable to say that she would be fairly well-received if she did.

Original featuring Sarah Lee:

Cover of Fleet Foxes’ “Blue Spotted Tail”:

The 26-year-old is an indie pop artist from Oakland, CA. The Korean-American singer started doing music after leaving the military and even auditioned for American Idol. He has a distinctively deep, but smooth voice that brings strength to his lyrics.


Jhameel’s Audition for American Idol:

Cover of Frank Ocean’s “Thinking About You”:

Bondoc is a proud Filipino singer/songwriter from San Mateo, CA. His music travels from acoustic, pop and even jazz. Bondoc’s smooth voice blends well with the guitar highlighting his simple yet endearing lyrics.


Cover of Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space”:

Lim is a Los Angeles-artist who knows how to put strength into her vocal delivery. Her bold voice is very distinct over the mellow and even mesmerizing instrumentation that she uses. You can feel your chest and spirit lift as she hits every note.


Cover of OneRepublic’s “Counting Stars”:

David personifies everything you’d expect from a girl having fun with her talent, internet connection and a camera. The Bay Area musician does not just do covers, but she flips songs and melodizes hip-hop records in a way that makes it her own. The 25-year-old does more than just cover songs that you already love, but makes you fan of her version as well.

Erika David’s American Idol Audition:


Cover of Kendrick Lamar’s “Poetic Justice” Featuring Drake:

*Online Editor of Sparks Magazine, Norman Galang is a co-author & contributor of this article.

*All featured images are courtesy of the according musicians’ YouTube channels.