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Constance Wu: America’s Asian Mom Stays Winnin’

While she is known and praised for her role as a feisty first generation mother in the comedy TV series Fresh Off The Boat, actress Constance Wu is capable of much more.

She is not a mediocre actress of color who is casted as an extra character for the sake of diversity. On the contrary, the 33-year-old star delivers memorable performances that have built her fame steadily over time.

Wu has been nominated for both The Television Critics Association’s award for “Individual Achievement in Comedy” as well as The Critics’ Choice Television Award for “Best Actress in a Comedy Series”. Entertainment News also considered her a breakout star for the 2014 to 2015 television season and described her as “comedy gold” and “on point.” These accolades are justifiable, as she deserves to be commemorated for her achievements.

More notably, the Taiwanese-American actress is a driving force in the first mainstream comedy featuring an all Asian main cast. Through her strong role as an authentic Asian mother, Wu has led the show and become one of ABC’s new primetime starlets. Having expressed her doubts as to if anyone would watch FOTB, the actress should be pleasantly pleased to know of it’s warm reception in part thanks to her great acting.

Starting off as supporting roles in various series and not so well known movies in 2006, the Wu had rough years trying to get better roles. She eventually moved to Los Angeles in 2010 hoping for a new start. It wasn’t until five years later in 2015 that she finally landed a prominent role as a series regular in FOTB. Finally getting the recognition she deserves, Wu has been nominated for various awards for her role as “Jessica Huang.”

Not only that, her role as an Asian mother is a refreshing one. It is not very often that Asian mothers are seen in America’s mainstream media. Through her portrayal of an overprotective Asian mother, Wu does not perpetuate stereotypes, but rather creates a unique strong nurturing role of its own kind. The type of roles that thanks to the show’s popularity, we can hope will be more prevalent in our media.

Constance is truly a multitalented artist who’s currently making a mark in today’s Hollywood. Her talents do not stop with television acting. Unknown to most, this Taiwanese-American actress is also a director and writer of her own film, My Mother Is Not a Fish. Earlier this year, she also starred as one of the main roles in the science fiction movie Parallels. With so much going on and her increasing prominence, we can definitely expect more from her in the future. After all, Constance Wu is not just an average actress.